The Cursed Forest (of Massachusetts)

The Cursed Forest Cover 2

Have you heard of the eerie Freetown State Forest of Massachusetts?  If not, do yourself a favor a research it a little.  There are tales of murder, cult activity, and paranormal activity of all kinds.  There are even claims of small human-like creatures that inhabit the forest known as Pukwedgies.  It’s a fascinating place, especially for those who enjoy the weird and mysterious.

This is the setting of my latest short story “The Cursed Forest.”  There is a fictional town near this forest at a time shortly after the American Revolution where there is a strange cult that has taken up residence in the forest.

Here is the blurb from the book:

Shortly after the birth of America, the small, secluded community of Andonville, Massachusetts, rested on the border of a forest steeped in legend and rumors. People start disappearing, and Abigail loses everything. She wants nothing more than to abandon Andonville and the terrible forest, putting the past and the problems of the city behind her. Fate has other plans, however, and she gets sucked into the mysteries around her.

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