On Low Word Count Days

Writing every day is the schtick for a writer.  I mean it is all there in the name after all.  If you call yourself a writer and write two or three times a year or when you feel like it, is that label accurate?  Writing isn’t easy.  Some people can crank out two thousand words or more every day, and that’s great for them, but I certainly am not.

Sometimes I need to think, ponder, and carefully plan my plotlines before moving forward.   I write still, but sometimes it is better to take care where the story is than focus only on word count.  As with everything in life, small steps in writing are better than standing still.

Crafting a plot without holes while driving character development is more than a little challenging.  In early drafts of my books, characters occasionally will inexplicably disappear from the scene. (This is why there is the editing and revision processes.)

Those days where I crank out large amounts of words sometimes come at a cost.  Near the end of my writing sessions there is occasionally a dip in quality and typically that needs to be cut out of the final product anyway.   Worse, I could create glaring plot holes that requires me to extensively fix the entire manuscript.  For me that means I should have quit writing much sooner and did more planning.

There will be days when the word count isn’t very high for most writers.  That’s okay.  This is a process.  In most jobs there are productive days and less productive days.  Some days are spent in meetings while projects being discussed are put on hold.

How do you feel about it?  Do you think it’s okay to write only a little bit once in a while?  Does it make you feel guilty or lazy?

3 thoughts on “On Low Word Count Days

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  1. Does painting only a couple times a year mean someone is not an artist? Can someone be called a song writer of they only produce one or two songs a year? Writing fits into the creative much more than production, where quantity is more important than quality I terms of titles. The difference between these arts and writing is that almost everyone writes and tells stories I their normal lives but only a select few will paint or play music. I also believe that its is the only one where one can not follow others I that area and still think they can do it.
    To your last questions, yes. Ever though the only reason I don’t is a lack of time.


    1. I did not say “publishes 2 stories”, I said “writes 2 days”. An artist may paint, draw, etc. 100 days before having a completed work. Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither are songs, paintings, or books.


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