Digging Up the Past

One universal truth of humanity is that we are all guilty of doing things we aren’t proud of.  No one is an exception.  Everyone, especially during the teenage years, did stupid or even mean things.  If not to your peers than to your parents.  Does the ubiquity of these experiences justify them?  No, of course not.  However, it is an experience that we can all relate to, and hopefully we learn from our mistakes, even if it’s a slow struggle.  In recent times, digging up people’s past blog posts, tweets, or Facebook posts from years in the past is becoming more common.  Why is that?

From politicians to celebrities to people who find success, no one is safe from the smear-campaigns of “you tweeted something offensive six years ago.”  Look, that tweet might have been bad, but come on?  In order for something like that to come to light after all these years you would have to search for it, and if people are searching for it then what kind of people are they?  Again, I don’t doubt that some of this content that is dragged up from the past might be bad or offensive, but can’t people change and grow?  If it’s over a year old, we should probably just let the post be.  I’ve changed and grew a lot over the last few years and I would guess most people have.  What I believed in 2011 isn’t the same as today in some areas.

The point is that those same pearl-clutching people who gasp at an offensive blog post from the late 90’s are undoubtedly just as guilty as saying something mean or offensive themselves.  Two wrongs don’t make a right and indeed there are times when we should call out what someone is saying, especially if he/she is influential.  Things brought up from the recesses of the internet though is just being petty, and frankly isn’t relevant anymore unless the person in question still reflects the same questionable beliefs.

We need to stop being petty and using what people said years ago against them, because who knows the same thing may happen to us one day.  The internet never forgets and no one is immune, no matter how much self-righteousness a person exudes.


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