Meaningful Entertainment

When many people think of the word “entertainment” they wouldn’t associate it with depth.  It is something fun in which people turn their brains off for a while.  Some things certainly fill that role, but a story isn’t just about being fun and mindless, it should be ultimately about teaching using the subtleties of fiction.  Just because a story isn’t based on real things or has elements which are irrational doesn’t mean it is completely mindless.

In the wake of Stan Lee’s death there has been discussions about comic book movies.  Some view them as stupid and mindless, others passionately defend them.  Painting all these movies with the brush of “stupid” is well rather small minded.  Yes, these films use pseudoscience and characters that cannot possibly exist.  However, that’s the nature of fiction…obviously… In case my tone is misunderstood, I’m not personally offended by this point of view, after all having different tastes in entertainment is a good thing.  I find football boring, yet most people enjoy it.  My point is that if something looks stupid to you on the surface that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have meaning.

It’s not about comic book movies, they are just easy examples, speculative fiction as a whole often gets this rap from outsiders.  Stories, especially ones that live on for a long time such as comic books and classic novels do so because they (typically) have meaning.  There are underlying themes that the average person can relate to.  This is something I ask my readers to think about.


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