New Novella Teaser

What would it be like if you could not die?  If you lived so long you no longer remembered where you came from?  For reasons unknown you need the life force of others.  You’ve tried to resist it since indulging creates unwanted attention, but eventually it becomes impossible to resist and you give in.  You don’t know why you are this way, if you need the life force of others to survive, but what’s certain is that you’ve come to accept that you cannot resist it any longer.  You begin to see people’s lives as fleeting and without objective value.  The only morality you adhere to is convenience and not drawing attention to yourself.  You’ve grown bored and indifferent toward everything around you save for the quiet little space you carved out.  This is the life of Darion, find out what happens when his world is shaken by someone unexpected.

Upcoming novella coming soon!

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