On Liberty

Liberty is something considered an American value.  There has been debate throughout the country’s existence on how much liberty people should have verses security.  Many ideas floating around lately by people in power trade a little bit of liberty for security.  With freedom there is always the possibility for people to chose immoral actions.  Fiction has spoken volumes on this topic.

Have we learned nothing from fiction?  If people are not careful one day fiction may become reality, and tyranny may creep in. The founders understood the risks of liberty, but they deemed it worth it.  Certain ideas have been presented that put ideology and promises of security over liberty.  Some folks are okay with these ideas.  The belief that they will be comfortable and live in a better world is worth sacrificing freedom.

Is freedom risky?  Yes.  Is it worth it?  That is for you to decide.  How much freedom are you willing to sacrifice in order to have security?  What if the promises don’t pan out?  Should people fear the government or the other way around?  The issue with handing over power to a governing body is that it is incredibly difficult to get the freedom back.  There was a time when income tax was promised to be temporary and no more than three percent.  Anyone living now knows that didn’t happen.  Whether or not you are for income tax isn’t the point.  The point is that a healthy distrust of government may be necessary if we wish to maintain liberty.

The point isn’t to propel an anti-government conspiracy.  I don’t believe or advocate the idea that the government is out to get the people.  However, as the founders understood, we must be diligent.  What may start out as ideas may one day evolve into full-blown tyranny.  Know what you believe and why.  This will help keep you informed as a voter and listen to the other side.  Also, pay attention to what your side says too.  Don’t just ignore problematic ideas simply because you align with them.  This is something we all need to think about.

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