5 Things Not to Do After You Wrote A book

1. Don’t over promote it on social media.

Getting yourself known on the internet is important, whether it is through blogging, Twitter, or Facebook.  However, a little bit of self-promoting goes a long way, especially on Facebook and Twitter.  Promoting every week or two is a good thing.  It reminds readers that you have books available, however more than that only trains followers to ignore you.

2. Don’t self-publish if you didn’t rigorously edit it.

This seems obvious right?  I mean who wouldn’t edit a book to death before publishing it?  Well, there are a surprising number of eBooks on Amazon that aren’t.  These books give the rest of us indie authors a bad rap, making some people think we are all just amateurs who cannot get a real publishing gig.

3. Don’t have realistic expectations.

I’ve said this before, building an audience takes time, often years.  Patience is a requirement and instant gratification has no place in this business.  Expect to sell few copies and to continually try new things to reach new readers.

4. Don’t rush the cover.

Covers are essential, and people DO judge books by their covers.  I’ve been guilty of not having great covers.  It really does make a difference.  Independent authors typically don’t have much money to work with which is what makes this a tricky topic.  If you have to do a low-cost cover and don’t have connections to artists, make sure you get honest feedback before you hit that publish button.

5. Get feedback on the blurb.

Much like the cover, the blurb needs to have other eyes look at it.  The blurb is second in importance to the cover.  The cover grabs the reader’s attention, the blurb captures it.  This is an area I struggle with.  Writing a story is one thing, summarizing it is completely different.  Take your time on the blurb.  There may not be many words involved in writing it, but it isn’t something that should be created in just a few minutes.


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