Political Dangers

I used to think that if a dictator ever came to America, he/she would have to be extraordinarily cunning and intelligent.  This is after all what makes sense and what’s often portrayed in fiction.  Cunning and intelligence doesn’t seem to gain politicians favor like it used to.  Pandering appears to have more power than ever before.  I know politicians have always pandered, but so many now say stupid things and yet manage large fan bases.

I sometimes wonder if critical thinking has degraded to the point where it doesn’t exist on a large scale.  Some people who have been elected in recent years I cannot help but wonder how they got elected to represent their people.  On top of that I wonder if being cunning is all that it takes for someone to seize too much power or if all they must do is flash a smile and appeal to the most extreme ides of their party/ideology.

Politics and ideology outweigh common sense.  Some recognize this, but apparently not enough to keep the most extreme politicians at bay. Politics have become a new religion for some.  If the opposite party is elected these folks decry the end is nigh.  History is often misunderstood, and ignorance runs rampant.

The possibility is ever increasing that the dangerous, power mad people aren’t going to outsmart everyone, but simply know how to appeal to ideologies.  Every single one of us needs to be able to see beyond our opinions and beliefs when we support people.  I’m not saying the end of American culture and freedom as we know it is near.  I don’t believe that to be the case at all.  I am saying we shouldn’t underestimate people’s hunger for power, no matter how silly or unintelligent that person may appear.  This is something we should all think about.  It’s easy to buy into emotional appeals, it is another to step back from that and put some thought into what people in power are saying.

*Disclaimer: This blog was not a slight at any politician or party.  There are questionable people on all sides.

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