The Unexplained: Black-Eyed Kids

*The Unexplained is a weekly series documenting strange and unusual phenomenon that inspire my writing.

It’s late at night and you hear a knock at the door.  You wouldn’t normally be up at 3:00 AM except this night you are suffering from a bout of insomnia.  When you go to see who could possibly be at your door at this hour, you notice two kids.  Hesitantly you open the door a crack, with a glass storm door still separating you and the children.  As soon as you look at the kids a chill runs down your spine and an overwhelming sense of dread floods your entire being.  One of them asks in monotone, if he and his brother can come in, the dread you feel along with the hour in which this is happening causes you to deny their request.  Again, more forcefully the same child asks to come inside and in turn you deny with the same veracity.  As you go to close the door on them they look up at you and you see completely black eyes looking back at you, inhuman eyes.

black eyed kid

Unlike many paranormal or supernatural sightings, black eyed kids is a pretty recent phenomenon that started in the late 90s after a man shared his encounter on an online forum.  Since then more and more tales have surfaced. Most are similar in that the experienced hears a knock, they go and answer the door, get freaked out and refuse the kids entry.  There is even a prevailing belief that they only visit people who’ve heard of them.

What are we to make of this?  How is it that this phenomenon is seemingly growing over the years?  Typically, consistency and sheer volume is enough for me to at least consider the possibility of an encounter being really, but in this case, the newness of the phenomenon is a big problem that cannot be ignored.  Are all the people who claimed to witness black eyed kids lying? Doubtful.  However, it is possible many of them are latching onto a new trend on the internet.  Some may have had real encounters with simply creepy kids.  Others also many have indeed witnessed something otherworldly.  As with all cases of the unknown it is impossible to say with certainty.

What are the explanations people have given?  Aliens are often the answer, along with demons, and pranksters.  If it is either alien or demonic why have these kids just recently surfaced?  Some speculated the kids are alien and human offspring.  If you take the spiritual angle it is possible due to the growing knowledge and fear of black-eyed kids, an entity or group of entities take on their form.

I find the stories interesting, but uncertain of what to make of them.  As always though I am interested to hear people’s stories and if they had encounters of their own please share.  What do you make of black-eyed kids?  Do you think they are real or hallucinations/pranks?  This is indeed a paranormal topic shrouded in mystery, perhaps more than most.  In my reference links I will also include one that contains personal accounts with experiencing black eyed kids.



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  1. I don’t believe the “newness” of a phenomenon holds any relevance. After all, all legends had a beginning. The fact that this one can be traced to the 90’s is only indicative of the modernization of how we propagate information in the modern age.

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    1. How recent this phenomenon is is one of the main points skeptics use. The same is true of Zozo. Is it relevant? You are right that all legends have a beginning. Just because something is ancient doesn’t mean it’s true and just because something is new doesn’t make it untrue. I get that. There could be any number of reasons why new phenomenon may crop up, particularly since the very nature of it is unknown. I can see the skeptical side too in the age of the internet when anyone can claim anything that only adds fuel to the fire of imagination. It doesn’t take as much for ideas to spread now. So yes I agree to a point with you. Thank you for the discussion. I love talking about this stuff!


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