The Perils of Writing

Writing isn’t an easy path to choose in life.  I’ve spoken of this before, but I wish to focus on the fact that expectations need to be reined in when you are starting out.  Failure will happen, more than you will likely anticipate.  Yet, failure is one of the best teachers and it is something we can overcome.

Something I’ve written about before needs to be mentioned again.  Beware the self-promotion on the internet.  A little bit can go a long way and be healthy.  When in doubt whether you should self-promote or not, it would be best to err on the side of caution.  It is tempting to blast our newly-published books on Facebook and Twitter.  Doing so will ultimately turn new readers off to you.  Patience will do more for your marketing than going all-out on social media.

If you self-publish, sometimes no amount of marketing is going to move books, at least significantly.  If you are a no-name author people tend to be hesitant to spend their time and money on you, even if you give your book away for free.  This can lead to despair and feelings like there is no point in continuing since no one will read your book anyway. (Wow, this is getting dark but stick with me, things will get brighter, I promise.)

Rushing the cover and editing is also a common mistake, especially amongst self-published books.  Even if you do that correctly, there may be plot-holes you missed or pieces of the plot that don’t make sense.  However, through all this you can learn from it and hone not only your writing abilities but your marketing skills as well.  Patience is key in writing, it may take ten years for you to reach your goals but if you persevere you won’t fail.  I say this to myself too.  It can be a long lonely road being a writer but keep at it and you will find your success.

What mistakes have you made while writing?  What challenges have you faced?

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