Exploring “Good”

Good verses evil is the common conflict in fantasy.  There is a good reason for that, it allows for the stakes to be high.  Good verses evil is also a conflict we can relate to in many small-scale ways in life.  Before I have written about evil and if we would recognize it.  This time I would like to focus on good.  The same question I asked about evil I raise with good, how adept are we at detecting it?

Humanity is excellent at justifying its actions from calling certain lies “white” all the way to the worst people explaining away their atrocities in history.  We all do this to varying degrees.  I have.  You have too.  It isn’t right but it is reality.  Sometimes we lack self-awareness and become hardly critical of others while being blind to our own short comings.  Inevitably as a result our understanding of good becomes murky.

Combine the above situation with ideology and people in power trying to shape opinions in order to gain votes, both good and evil become gray in areas they shouldn’t.  I’m not a moral relativist, but do accept that there are certain degrees of wiggle room for morality.  This means the moral may be that killing another human is wrong, but the wiggle room might be defending one’s self, family, or nation from those who would do harm.

Good may not always be easy to see.  We have the frailty of our ideologies, what we’ve been told, and our emotions.  You may say, “good isn’t that hard to see!” In many cases I would agree and say that is true.  However, with our current political climate fostering two distinct and incompatible views of good, to me it becomes evident how easily we can be deceived by outside and internal forces.

How do we guard against deception and developing a warped view of good?  Understanding the limitations of our ideologies, politics, and bias is a good start. If we can see outside of ourselves and personal worldview, we can start to see things more clearly.

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  1. I don’t think good should ever be subjective. What I see happening is people just have a general disregard for others. It’s no longer do unto others, they want the best and be the best and they will stab their own grandma in the jugular to make it happen. I am all about encouraging others but people don’t want you to do as good as them. Dog eat dog is not how the world should be but it is, so with the, I’m gonna get mine, mentality people don’t think anything they do is wrong as long as it serves them.

    I know a guy who is absolutely fabulous to other people. I love the fuck out of him for his kindness but he doesn’t practice goodness with me. For some reason he sees me as the bad guy. These other people can lie and take from him but he doesn’t see that. I don’t get treated the same as those other people and have been lied to and manipulated because he thinks I’m doing those things when I never have. I love him to pieces but it hurts my heart that he doesn’t see his own bad behavior. I really don’t understand why he doesn’t get it at this point but a lot of people seem to be like that. I’m thinking of the Bible now and how it talks about seeing a speck of dust in their brother’s eye and paying no mind to the giant log that is sticking out of theirs.

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  2. I think that good and evil are similar to the concept of darkness and light. It’s often been said that we wouldn’t recognize the light if not for the darkness. People inherently recognize the difference between good and evil, but apathy and a lack of caring can often lead to one over the other.

    Personal morals also play an important role in what is deemed “good” by one person over another. But I agree, people tend to often dismiss their own behaviour, often thinking it’s no big deal.

    Love your posts, by the way! Keep them coming.


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