Do We Moralize Our Interests?

I’ve written about morality before because it plays an integral part in crafting plots.  Who are good characters?  Who are the evil ones?  Why are they evil/good?  What constitutes as good or evil?  These are basic questions the writer must sort out.  While doing this I came to understand that we often moralize our interests (the same is true if we aren’t interested in them.)

Do you ever notice if a moral quandary is presented, we are more apt to show grace if it involves our interests?  Not interested in Fantasy?  Well that makes it easier to deem it as “occult” and evil.  However, if that same person spends several hours everyday watching television instead of doing something productive, he/she won’t see anything wrong with it.  Television, they might tell themselves, is a way to unwind. I’m not throwing TV under the buss, I’m talking about excessive viewing consistently.

It is easier to morally condemn something if it doesn’t apply to us.  We like to arrive at a conclusion and then later justify it.  Entertainment is largely amoral.  There are moral components to what we consume, it can and will affect us, but that doesn’t mean there is a “one size fits all” scenario when it comes to entertainment.

Not everyone does this with everything they dislike, but it does seem to be common.  We tend to moralize things that may be problematic for our consciences and expect the same to be true of everyone around us.  Some things can be morally wrong objectively due to the harm it may cause ourselves or others, this is true.  However, barring such hobbies/interests we need to keep our own bias in check when it comes to moralizing other people’s interests.

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