The Unexplained: Black Dogs

*The Unexplained is a weekly series documenting strange and unusual phenomenon that inspire my writing.

You decide to spend the evening sitting on the porch of your country home, sipping a beer as the sun goes down.  It had been a long day at work, and you find nothing more relaxing than watching the sun set.  It has been your routine if the weather permitted it.  This night something would be different and would make you question reality itself.  Just after the sun dips below the horizon, movement catches your eye in the distance.  You stand up and squint to get a better look, what looks back at you are two big, red eyes.  Your heart stops for a moment as you try to comprehend what your mind says you are seeing.  A quadrupedal animal, large and bushy with red eyes.  It isn’t a fleeting sight, but an entity you looked at for several seconds.  Despite not wanting to believe your eyes, you know your life will never be the same.

black dog

Spectral dogs are sometimes seen as omens, other times they are associated with negative feelings.  Like ghost sightings, witness accounts of Black Dogs vary, but some of the consistencies are that they are typically larger than normal dogs and have big glowing eyes.  These beings have been sighted throughout Europe and the Americas.

Some associate Black Dogs with hell hounds, dogs as the name suggests in service of demonic forces or possibly demonic entities themselves.  Black Dogs have been found in European folklore, and when it comes to these sightings it is difficult to discern how much is folklore and how much are legitimate paranormal encounters.  I suppose that line of thought could be applied to any paranormal topic, that is typically what a skeptic would suggest.  However, I don’t think it is prudent to overtly dismiss large amounts of paranormal encounters.  Not all are easily explained away, particularly when there are multiple witnesses of the same event and each account is similar if not the same.

With Black Dogs I found stories, but not many multiple-witness accounts.  This maybe a situation where legend has stirred the imagination of some folks.  There is also a possibility that certain entities take legendary forms in order to prey on our fears.  Perhaps there is truth to the old legends, since there is often truth to them.  What do you think?  Do Black Dogs exist as paranormal entities?  Are they simply legend that has become blurred with reality?  Let me know!



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  1. You know what I enjoy most about your blog? I consider myself a fan of the unexplained and knowledgeable on some things. But i always manage to read about something I didn’t know about on your site. Keep it coming!

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