Why is Change Difficult?

In fiction we expect characters to grow and change (i.e. dynamic characters) but for many people once we become adults, we become set in our ways.  There may be habits or behaviors we know are bad and we feel remorseful, but still the behaviors linger.

If this looks like a familiar topic, that’s because I’ve written a similar post last year.  However, this time I want to explore how most of us have parts of our personality/behavior we would like to change for the better but struggle to do so.

We know that neuroplasticity exists, and change is possible, but for so many of us it is difficult.  The old ways of doing things, while they may bring pain offer a level of warped comfort for us.  As we get older, the people around us often become more predictable.

The truth is we can change.  However, many of us choose not to.  Some things we know are destructive in our lives, but there is a part of us that still enjoys that activity.  I believe in order to truly change we need to not only face consequences but become really discontent in where we are at.  The change will come slower than we would like.  It will come though.

I write this to me as much as my readers, we can choose to change.  We can do better.  It won’t be easy, and we may have to hit bottom first, but we can and will change if we want.

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