Writing Amidst Other Writers

I’ve said before that there is no such thing as too many writers.  I still stand by that.  I do have a brain though and noticed that there are a lot of people who are aspiring writers.  That is the beauty of the internet, one doesn’t have to painstakingly cater to big publishers, a writer can pursue his/her dreams rather freely.  This is a beautiful thing.

There is a reality that many who claim to be writers lazily produce content.  This is the downside of self-publishing and blogging, anyone can publish anything.  As I said, this opens the door for more creativity, but also rushed content.

So that we are not grouped in with those who lazily publish unpolished works, we need to stand out with quality.  Blogging is a more forgiving format than writing books when it comes to grammar.  I know my blog isn’t grammatically perfect.  To be honest, grammar is something I’ve struggled with.  There is a difference between not perfect and sloppy.  Us authors need to take care not to cross into producing sloppy work.

This is the best way to stand out among the millions of other writers.  This is particularly true of blogging.  Marketing books requires not only high quality, time, and trial and error, but a good amount of luck too.

So if you want to be a writer, hone your craft and produce quality content.  Combine high quality content with consistency and you will build an audience.

2 thoughts on “Writing Amidst Other Writers

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  1. You are so correct! I have another blog which I started years ago while dealing with breast cancer. It was my way to keep track of so many things. I also partook in writing challenges, but, honestly didn’t care about grammar because I didn’t care about the platform. But, writing those blurbs helped take my mind off of other things.

    I belong to a few writing groups on FB, but what I notice is so many non-English-speaking individuals trying to break into this field. I actually feel sympathetic toward them because of their improper use of the language, and wonder how they will succeed without spending a fortune for an editor.

    Great post! Have a great day!

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