The Unexplained: Skinwalkers

For the first time in years you get to go on vacation, unaware it will be one you’ll never forget.  You and your uncle decide to take a trip to rural Utah to hunt, fish, and camp.  Just two guys doing what they love best in nature.  When you arrive at your destination it is already evening so you and your uncle set up a campsite.  Soon after the last bits of light fade, you hear leaves and sticks breaking in the distance.

Assuming it was an animal you are unbothered, but instead continue to poke at the fire as you ponder tomorrow’s activities.  Moments later you hear a deep, scratch howl.  It isn’t a dog or a wolf, for you know it is too deep, yet it seems inhuman as well.  A chill travels down your spine and you grab a flashlight.

More sticks and leaves crunch, but this time the sound comes from behind you.  Willing around, you shine your light and the beam rests on something walking on two legs, but has animalistic features, canine features.  Your mind immediately goes to “werewolf” but you know they don’t exist.  This thing has hairy arms, glowing orange-yellow eyes, and massive fangs, but no snout.  You know what’s there shouldn’t exist but there it stands.

Running back to the tent, you quickly zip it closed, praying the thing outside doesn’t try to follow.  After a few moments you peek out of the tent and see the monstrosity shift from a half-man to a full-blown coyote.  Shocked, you dive into the sleeping bad and tremble there until morning comes.

werewolf blog pic

In Native American folklore, the skinwalkers are witches who can transform at will.  In some ways they resemble both the modern werewolf as shape-changers as well as vampires, for according to legend they cannot enter a home without being invited in first.

These witches, according to the Navajo, are known to dig up corpses and absorb their power, and as one can imagine are formidable foes.  Reportedly, the Navajo people don’t even like talking about skinwalkers to outsiders out of fear they might come for those who speak about them.  Their shapshifting powers appear to have little boundaries for they are said to become coyotes, bears, eagles, owls, and wolves to name a few.

A healer going rogue is the stuff of nightmares.  After all you come to that person to solve an ailment, often you are vulnerable.  That’s exactly what the skinwalkers are said to be.

These former humans have not only the ability to change their appearance but possess people and animals along with being able to know what someone is thinking.  They are even known to take on forms that are half-human and half-animal.  On top of all these terrifying supernatural abilities they are extraordinarily difficult to kill.  The only way is with either a blade or bullet laced with white ash.

Admittedly, the tale of the skinwalkers on the surface looks to be nothing more than a legend.  After all things like witches and changing shape cannot be real right?  Except skinwalkers are thought of as spiritual entities for the most part and there are people who claim to have real-life encounters with them.  Many reports are found on Reddit forums or on YouTube.

What are they?  A skeptic would say it is nothing more than a legend from Native American mythology.  Navajo people aren’t stupid and are just as much a part of the modern world as everyone else, so why the fear?  There are several strange, yet sincere accounts from people who appear to have nothing to gain by sharing their stories.  Upon delving into these claims there appears to be consistency with not only one another but with the skinwalker legend.

What are the skinwalkers?  Are they simply legends?  Or is there truth to the myth?  Are they demonic entities?  Let me know what your thoughts are or if you’ve had an encounter with one of these things.

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