Six Things I Learned About Blogging

  1. Consistency

If you aren’t regularly posting content, at least a few times per week, then it will be easier for your work to get drowned out by other voices.  Regularly posting helps your SEO.  It shows the internet that you are invested and care too.  If you post once per month it will become easy for people to forget about you.  It may not be fair, but it is a reality all of us writers need to come to grips with.  Once I started posting daily content, I noticed a significant increase in readership opposed to a few years ago when I would blog when inspiration came my way. Consistency is important for any medium for producing content on the internet.

  1. Quality Content

So, you post every day, but still no one reads your stuff.  Maybe then it’s time to look at WHAT you post.  Someone online complained to me that no one read her blog and claimed it was outside of her control.  When I read through her blog it was her complaining about this and that.  Not to mention her content was completely random.  The thought I had was “no wonder you are having trouble getting readers, no one cares about what makes you mad.”

  1. Reply to comments

This can be a tricky one, especially if you are reserved like I am.  Yes, I reply to comments and I now enjoy doing it.  However, that is a part of me that doesn’t come naturally.  I don’t always know what to say and it might take me a little bit to formulate a response.  However, being engaged in your audience gives back to your readers and lets them know you appreciate them.

  1. Ask Questions at the end of your blog (when applicable)

I recently started doing this and noticed it helped some.  Blogging shouldn’t always be a lecture but a discussion (depending on the context) so it can be beneficial to ask questions at the end of your post.  Questions such as “what do you think?” are simple yet effective ways to engage your audience.

  1. Get involved in another people’s blogs

This one is a bit ironic.  Self-promotion typically works against you.  Commenting on another blog promoting your own works won’t work…ever…  Getting involved in blogs that honestly interest you will often gain you unexpected followers/readers.  Being genuine is key.

  1. Pictures

When I first started out I only occasionally used pictures.  I didn’t know there were royalty-free photos out there and only used ones I took.  Obviously, there are only so many pictures I have that are relevant to the topics I blogged about.  The posts without pictures did poorly in comparison to those that had featured images.  We are visual beings, and if you want to get attention you have to use pictures in your blog.  Even if that means you only have a featured image.  I find pictures and gifs spread throughout someone’s blog to be distracting many times, particularly if there are a lot, but if done correctly it will draw an audience.

6 thoughts on “Six Things I Learned About Blogging

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  1. I recently started using photos for my blog. I realized that my content wasn’t enough. Pictures helps us to digest the content and decide quickly whether it’s going to be any value to us. Images support your content by taking it to looking bland to exciting, especially for long posts.

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