The Story Behind “The Cursed Forest”

I am interested in the mysterious, strange, and unexplained.  As I have explained before, discussing the paranormal is important.  I don’t think everyone has to become a believer but listening to those who believe they experienced something otherworldly is important, belief then becomes irrelevant.

The Cursed Forest takes place in Freetown State Forest in Massachusetts. In previous blogs I detailed the legends and encounters people had there, so I won’t get into that topic in this post, except to make the point that the vast number of stories that have come from the forest are inspirational

The Cursed Forest delves into the lore around the Freetown State Forest and serves as a back drop.  With that, I play with “What if?” scenarios.  Such as, what if the paranormal activity experienced today was exacerbated by cultist activity long ago?

Cults and their power and secrecy is something else that interests me.  Partially what makes them so compelling is that they can allure folks who once led normal lives but became enamored by the cult’s cause and in many ways become completely different people.

Tragically, there are many historical examples of cultists committing suicide for their beliefs.  What drives people to do this?  There are many proposed answers, but there is still an element of mystery to it, and this question I play with in the book as well one of which is, “what if supernatural forces drive cults as much as human psychology?”

Great fiction speaks truth, and that’s what I attempt with this book.  Often straight-up lies are not effective.  Something that is blatantly false is more easily seen as such, but injecting truth into a falsehood, no matter who wild the untruth is, makes it much more potent.  When this happens, misinformation and lies are readily believed.  This is one of the main themes of the book, and despite the fact most of us know this intellectually, so much deception is still believed and vigorously protected.

This is just a glimpse into the reasoning and inspiration for The Cursed Forest.  Do you find these topics interesting too?

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