The Unexplained: The Three Kings Ritual

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Are urban legends and myths based in reality?  Some believe that is the case.  With the advent of the internet, such stories spread faster than ever.  There are plenty of wild internet challenges that have cropped up over the years.  Unfortunately, many of them result in some sort of bodily harm.  Some of these challenges extend to playing chicken with the paranormal, one of these is the Three Kings Ritual.

In case I accidentally inspire someone to perform the ritual, I will not go into detail on how it’s done.  Basically, it involves three chairs and mirrors arranged in such a way that you when you sit in one seat you can see the other two with mirrors in them out of your peripheral vision.  This is to be set up early in the night and after the initial preparations, you go to bed with some of the other equipment and set an alarm for 3:30 AM.

Once awake, and certain warning signs do not occur, the person takes his seat while holding and the game begins.  It is allegedly important that the person does not look at the candle or the mirrors in the other two chairs directly.  For roughly an hour, the person can then ask questions, but the answers may not be accurate because one of the mirrors supposedly contains the “queen” and the other the “fool” only one will speak “truth.”

candle pic

The game can be traced to 2013 and due to it being an internet game it can be easy to dismiss.  However, there are accounts of people who have zero believe in the paranormal/supernatural trying the ritual and left shaken and encountering spooky entities.

Some who try this game passionately warn others not to attempt it.  Now, is it possible they are doing this for attention and to give some sort of validation to their stories?  Sure.  Many people who do this though have nothing to gain by exaggerating their stories.  Is it also possible these stories exist simply to perpetuate the game?  Yes.  As with all stories of the unexplained, it is easy to believe or dismiss all of them.  It is safe to say that not all stories are true.  Some who attempt this never experience anything at all either.  However, not all are easily dismissed, and it makes one wonder if indeed a “silly” internet game can indeed invite evil into one’s home.

If you have a worldview that is open to the possibility of spiritual beings existing, then it isn’t much of a stretch to entertain the idea that even internet games can open doorways to the unseen.  Personally, I feel that such things are possible, even if it is an exception instead of the norm.  As I have said before, when it comes to attempting to contact the spirit world, we never really know what we are going to encounter and have no idea if the entities are being honest about what they are.

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