5 Things to do When You Feel Like Your Writing Sucks

If you are like me, then you are your own harshest critic.  Noting you write is ever “good enough.”  You May receive compliments, but all you see are the flaws in what you produced.  Being introspective is a good quality for a writer, but some times we go too far and feel like we should quit.  We may be struggling to sell our book(s) and only have a few hundred followers on our blog, but should we give up? No not at all.  Here are a few pointers for those moments when you aren’t sure of yourself.


  1. Know that becoming established takes time.
  2. If you’re that worried about it, find someone you trust and get honest feed back from fresh eyes.
  3. Remember you aren’t alone. Most people struggle with feeling like they aren’t good enough in their careers.
  4. If you are writing regularly and have stuff published, you are further along than most. Many people claim to want to be writers but don’t do anything with that desire.
  5. Building trust takes time, and it is difficult to sell things online to strangers who’ve never heard of you. Just because your book isn’t selling doesn’t mean it’s terrible. 

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