Repulsive Blogging

If we are going to write, it needs to be relevant to someone other than ourselves.  Sure, we can spew our thoughts on our blogs like it’s Twitter, but will anyone care?  People have short attention spans online.  Using our platform to complain or talk about what angers us isn’t productive.

I’ve come across more than a few blogs with headlines along the lines of “What Pissess Me Off.”  Okay, so?  Why should anyone read or care about what pisses you off?  Perhaps your response is that you don’t care, you blog to journal.

Keeping a journal is fine and healthy, but it doesn’t have to be public.  Writing on a public forum should bring value to the world, otherwise it would be better to type out your thoughts on Word and keep it on your computer.

Now perhaps there is a hint of irony in this post, it is a blog complaining about bloggers who complain.  I haven’t missed that.  It is something we should all be aware of, we should only post content that is useful to readers online.  No one is perfect and we can all analyze our content and see if we can improve it and focus on enriching our reader’s lives.

Whether we like it or not, writing publicly is not the same as keeping a journal.  A public journal is the same as going outside, shouting to your neighborhood everything that is wrong in your life and what your cat did today, then when you are done going back inside like nothing happened.  Not a pretty picture is it?

This is not to say that sharing our opinions isn’t okay.  The premise of this post is an opinion.  However, our opinions should serve the purpose of entertainment, information, or to help others ponder a different perspective.

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