Broken Promises

When people find out you are a writer, there are a few different reactions.  Some might be in awe, others might think you don’t have a “real” job and others will show interest whether it is genuine or not and promise to read your book(s).  When the time comes for the folks who promised to read or review your book to cashing on their word, they are absent.

Reviews are essential for authors.  Alone they may not sell books, but they are an important part to get the ball rolling.  It is not uncommon for folks to say they will review a book, they may even purchase it, but as the weeks turn into months and months turn into years you realize the review is never coming.

This is likely to happen with most who say they will review your book, even with gentle infrequent reminders.  They may be your friends or family too which can lead you wondering if they simply don’t have interest in what you wrote or if they are flakey.

The lesson is that as an author you should take everyone’s promises with a grain of salt.  For some reason, folks occasionally feel compelled to support you in person whether they have genuine interest in your books or not.  Personally, I would rather people be honest and say they wouldn’t want to read my stuff then say they will and never follow through.

From what I’ve read on other writers’ blogs, this isn’t uncommon.  So what do we do?  Ultimately hope for the best but expect nothing to come from people’s promises.  We must remember that our books may be important to us, but few people will be that invested in our works.  Simply put, our books aren’t that important to them.  That is why it is important for us to “wow” them when they do give our stories time.

What are your experiences with these types of promises?  Does it bother you when people don’t commit?



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