The Unexplained: Bigfoot

*The Unexplained is a weekly series documenting strange and unusual phenomenon that inspire my writing.

Bigfoot needs no introduction.  It is the most popular cryptid and one of the most common paranormal encounters.  It has been sighted in every state but Texas, Pennsylvania, and Michigan (just to name a few.)  Sightings range from credible to the average attention seeker.

What is “Bigfoot?” Supposedly, it is an ape-like being standing between 6-9 feet tall.  It is named after the large footprints left behind attributed to it.  Some cryptozoologists believe it might be a hominid with a common ancestor with humanity.  However, most of the scientific community dismisses Bigfoot as nothing more than an urban legend with only a few anthropologists taking the phenomenon seriously since Bigfoot resembles humans.  Interestingly, there has been hair, blood, feces, and obviously tracks all attributed to the monster.  It can be argued the only piece of evidence missing is a body or fossil.


Bigfoot encounters have happened long before America was founded and are a part of Native American lore.  As with other paranormal categories, witnesses often are not believers before their sightings and many times they look for other explanations first.  Some of these witnesses are experienced with the outdoors and are familiar with the animals in the area which they spotted Bigfoot, which further deepens the mystery.

What’s fascinating is that Bigfoot has been linked to other paranormal activity such as ghosts and UFOs sightings.  Though in this case it is important to remember one of the basic rules of logic, correlation doesn’t equal causation.  It is interesting though that in some areas where Bigfoot sightings are prevalent so are UFOs and other paranormal entities.

Who or what is Bigfoot?  There are some who believe it is legend, others say it is an ape or hominid, others claim it is supernatural or even alien in origin.  I want you to make your own conclusions about this.  There seems to be good reason to believe people are seeing something, but the jury is still out on what it is.  What’s important is that you weigh the evidence for yourself and draw your own conclusions, and please don’t be shy to share them in the comment section below!

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