Make “Someday” Today

Do you have a goal, yet tell yourself “someday?”  As the days and years go by you still cling on to the “someday” but never make any real progress.  Using writing as an example because it’s something I can relate to, many people I’ve met who say they like to write never finish a manuscript.  This is something that applies to any goal or passion.  We need to stop telling yourselves “One day it will happen.” Instead we need to work toward making it so.

I understand not everyone has the time to sit and write for hours on end every day.  This is a fact of adulthood, however if you want to one day get published, you have to persevere.  This includes finishing the first draft, revising, editing, and marketing.  Otherwise in the end the “someday” will never happen.  Perhaps deep down that’s what you want, we all go through that in some areas of our lives.  Yet, we let fear controls us.

It’s important for us to look at what we really want in life and do something about it.  If I only wrote a few times a year and had an unfinished manuscript, can I really say I’m a writer?  Can I say that I’m working toward something?  If I want to do it, I will work on it.  It’s that simple.

Do you want to lose weight?  Do something about it, even small steps such as eating fruit instead of cookies for dessert. The point is to grow and progress and learn.  No one loses weight overnight and no one attains their writing goals in a day either.  Sometimes we need a “cheat” day in order to relax or eat those cookies we held off on.

What you can do is make “someday” happen today by deciding right now to devote a little more time daily to your goal.  If that’s sounds unappealing, then perhaps you don’t want it as much as you tell yourself.

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  1. I have found three pieces of helpful advice from my writer friends, that have enabled me to accomplish my writing goal. One: Set a deadline, even if it’s an arbitrary one, like “finish the manuscript by my birthday of 2020.” Two: Make a regular writing time and day, like Sunday afternoon for example. Allow yourself to miss some, but at least you write perhaps 3 out of the 4 Sundays per month, or even 2 of the 4. Three: When you sit down to write, write something, anything. Just get started.

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