The Unexplained: Phantom Calls

*The Unexplained is a weekly series documenting strange and unusual phenomenon that inspire my writing.

It is a bright sunny afternoon, as you sit at your office desk getting work done.  The phone rings, the voice on the other line greets you by name in a merry tone, but that doesn’t alleviate your sudden onset of anxiety.  It is the voice of your deceased mother.  When the confusion clears long enough for you to ask follow up questions, the line goes dead.

There are several reports of people swearing they received calls from dead loved ones.  Those making such claims range from average Joe’s to famous people, notedly author Dean Koontz.  There are several accounts that can be found online from people claiming to have gotten calls from the dead.

phone pic

This phenomenon, like all things paranormal raise questions.  If the dead are communicating, why use a telephone?  Why aren’t more dead people calling to reassure their loved ones?  Is a phone easier for them to utilize?  More importantly, if these are spirits, how do we know they really are deceased loved ones and not something malevolent?

I would hope that I have conveyed that I am open-minded to the topic of the paranormal.  I can believe its possible people got calls from otherworldly beings.  It is also possible that some of these stories are pranks too.  With things like number spoofing and a person with a decent ability to imitate another’s voice, the prank option is a viable explanation for some of these calls.

As I’ve mentioned before, when dealing with the paranormal/supernatural it is impossible to know for sure what you are dealing with and its intentions.  Am I suggesting all these calls are made by demons?  No. I’m simply pointing out that it is impossible to know for certain.  It is known that a tactic demonic forces use is to disguise themselves in order to gain a foothold into someone else’s life.

Stories about receiving phantom calls are interesting and makes one ponder and the possibilities and questions they bring.  What’s important is what YOU think.  Have you received a phantom call or know someone who has?  What do you think they are?


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