The Power of Nature

There was a time in my life when I didn’t appreciate nature.  I grew up in Minnesota, and sometimes my family would take drives further north to look at the scenery and frankly, I was bored silly.  I didn’t get the appeal of looking at pines and lakes.  Then I entered the first years of adulthood and things changed.  I realized the power and beauty of nature.

Nature has an almost mystical quality about it.  The purity of it triggers something within the human consciousness, planting the seed of inspiration for those with creative spirits.  I realize that not all are able to enjoy the wilderness, especially in urban areas, however it is worth seeking out periodically.

Nature not only inspires creativity but can help with things such as anxiety and depression.  For me, when I have bouts of anxiety, walking in the woods is therapeutic in ways second to none.

So, take time and appreciate the world around you and its natural beauty.  Emerge yourself it it’s beauty and majesty.  Your body and soul will thank you for it, and if you’re creative then there is one more source of inspiration.

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