The Unexplained: Werewolves

Werewolves are nothing but myths and legends passed down over the centuries and originating from our superstitious ancestors.  That’s what most people believe.  After all, it is scientifically impossible for a wolf to change into a man and vise versa. Yet, what about those who claim to have seen a beast that strongly resembles the legend of the werewolf?

Near the town of Elkhorn, Wisconsin there is a remote road where sightings of a wolf-man creature have been reported.  The first sightings occurred in 1936, but most were in the 1980s-1990s.  There have been several reports, and most are consistent with each other of a wolf-looking creature being able to stand on its hind legs.  Most accounts are of the creature seen not just along the road but reportedly it ventured uncomfortably far into peoples’ private property.  Skeptics say it is nothing more than a dog or coyote.  Those who witnessed the creature insist its something else entirely.

black dog

There have been historical accounts of werewolves that have become infamous over the ages.  Giles Garner was blamed in 1573 for the deaths and disappearances of local children.  He confessed to being a werewolf and claimed to have been visited by a malevolent spirit who gave him an ointment which enacted the change.  Though, this confession likely came after torture and thus should be taken with a grain of salt, it is an interesting story.

Similar to Garner, in 1598 there was a fellow named Jacques Roulet who was blamed for the murder of a boy after two wolves were seen near the mangled body.  When the men who discovered the wolves chased them, they followed the tracks to find a blood-covered Roulet who claimed to have an ointment that made him transform into a wolf.  Unlike Garner, Roulet didn’t appears to confess under torture, which raises questions as to why he would say he was a werewolf.   Was he merely a madman who really believed he was a werewolf or was he host to a demonic entity?  You be the judge.

Such tales of shapeshifters challenge our preconceptions of reality.  Are all these people crazy, mistaken, or attention seekers?  Is there more going on here?  That is something we’ll dive into more next week as we examine more stories and what could possibly be out there lurking in the darkness.



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