The Unexplained: Zozo Demon

You and a friend decide to break out an Ouija board during a sleepover.  You’ve heard all the tales around it, but neither you or your friend believed them.  It is a board game marketed for kids after all.  You don’t believe anything will happen, and if it does it will be nothing more than a trick if the mind.  Not long after you start playing the game the planchette begins to rapidly go back and forth from the letters “Z” and “O.” Spooked, you and your friend quickly put the game away, pretending you just need to get some sleep.

Once in bed, you begin to hear bumps in the room next door that sound like heavy footsteps.  In the morning you awake with scratches on your back that look like deep claw marks.  Little do you know, this is just the beginning of the terror you will endure.

scary night

Zozo has gained attention in recent years.  It is supposedly an evil entity that terrorizes people who use spirit boards irresponsibly.  Many people claim to have encountered this being, and allegedly encounters with this demon goes back to the nineteenth century.

Some believe this entity is nothing more than an urban legend, however the amount of personal encounters with the demon make it difficult to comfortably make that claim.  Many experiences say to have intense and sudden negative feelings while communicating with the entity, including feeling suicidal.

While using Ouija boards is the most popular way people have come into contact with Zozo there are other means in which he finds victims such as hypnosis and automatic writings. Seeing shadows dart in the corner of your eye and having the planchette do figure eight movements are signs you may have gotten more out of your game than intended.

Some believe Zozo is a Mesopotamian wind demon named Pazuzu.  Whether his is true or not remains a mystery.  The entity also gives different names for itself including Zaza and Zoso.

Psychological terror such as feelings of dread, fear, and abrupt desire to harm oneself are not all that occurs when Zozo decides to have fun.  Headaches are also commonly associated with Zozo along with cuts, bruises, and other markings on the body.  Even sleepwalking has been blamed on the demon.

A man by the name of Darrel Evens claims to have captured a picture of the demon.  Due to copyright, I cannot share the picture here, but I can link the source below in the references.

However, his claims have come under valid scrutiny.  Some use the possibility that Evens concocted the entire experience since he is a self-proclaimed Zozo investigator.  This occurred in 2009 and has since sparked popularity and interest in the demon.  However, there are experiences that predate Evens’ supposed encounter.  Also, a demon’s nature is deceptive and it isn’t unfathomable Zozo would adopt a notorious name.

What are we to make of this?  Do we dismiss these stories as just that, stories?  Perhaps some, but not all.  There are real people with sincere testimonies with nothing to gain, some of whom are fearful to recall their stories.

As mentioned in previous articles in this series, consistency is something else that needs to be considered, and Zozo encounters are by and large consistent.  What these stories tell us is that using Ouija boards is not wise, for you never know what might try to make contact.



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