The Unexplained: Werewolves Pt. 2

*The Unexplained is a weekly series documenting strange and unusual phenomenon that inspire my writing.

Last week we explored a few select cases of allegedly real werewolves.  There are reports from both the past and the present that account sightings of real wolf-like creatures who walk on two legs and have human-like qualities.

All around the globe people claim to have witnessed wolf-men of legend.  One such areas is central England, particularly in Stafford County where there have been dozens of eyewitnesses.  One hotspot for the creature is the cemetery in Cannock County, England.  Furthering the mystery is the fact that many pets that have gone missing turned up near the cemetery, and when they are found their mangled corpses are all that remain.

As strange as it may sound, werewolf sightings are not as rare as one might think.  There are fairly consistent reports of them from all over the world.  From what I gather the sightings aren’t as common as Ghosts or UFOs but are frequent enough to not completely blow off as everyone seeing these things are crazy.  As I’ve stated in previous installments of The Unexplained believing all stories and believing none of them are equally simplistic in that it requires little thought.

werewolf blog pic

Scientifically, humans transforming into other animals is impossible.  However, if we are to concede the possibility that there is a spiritual dimension, what of demonic spirits or malevolent spirits?  Could they infect a person and result in a monstrosity?  What if we remove the human angle and examine the possibility that what people see are entirely spiritual entities?

After all, wouldn’t it stand to reason that spiritual entities have the same level of variety that is found in physically living creatures?  Granted this is all speculation and what is possible, and probable are two different things. It is likely many sightings are mistaken animals.

People aren’t expecting to see a coyote for example and when you combine that with the dark it is easy for the human brain to fin in the gaps with fanciful attributes.  However, like with anything mysterious and unexplained, a naturalistic explanation might work for some cases but not all.  An online search will yield scores upon scores of personal testimony, many of which can be backed up but other witnesses.  These are not so easy to explain away.  For those cases I leave them for you to decide the truth.





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