If you live in a first world nation, you probably have a life the rest of the world would envy.  Sure, there are hardships, we lose loved ones, our jobs may not be fulfilling, and so on, but generally speaking those of us in such countries live blessed lives.  With bounty comes complacency and eventually misery.

So many people who live generally good lives complain or wish things were better or different.  We all know intellectually that there are people who live hard, painful lives full of starvation and disease but for those of us who do not see it every day it is easy to not process that reality in our hearts.

This is becoming more the case since being a victim is now something to be sought after.  On top of that we simply lose perspective.  Life will never be perfect, never be without pain or suffering.  Sometimes bad things happen for no reason no matter who you are and where you live.  I know those last two sentences aren’t news, but so many in America may know it but don’t live like they do.  This is what’s sad.

Any person living between the dawn of humanity and 1900 would love to live in a developed nation.  What we have is paradise compared to what they endured.  If you want brief examples do a search for “medieval sanitation” or “medieval medicine.” If that doesn’t conjure up some gratitude in your heart nothing will.

This may have a similar theme to past blogs I’ve written, but that is because I feel this topic is important.  If we continually have envy in our hearts, feel sorry for ourselves, and lack gratitude we will be miserable.  Not only will we be miserable, but we spit in the face of all those who are truly suffering.  It also opens the door for real evil.

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