Do You Need Approval?

Writing isn’t something that everyone understands.  From the outside looking in it appears easy and low-key.  If you are a writer, you know that it is challenging work.  Writing a book includes research, time writing the thing, multiple revisions, and stressing over single words or phrases in order to get them just right.

Outside of the writing community, there is a prevailing opinion that it isn’t a “real” job.  Writers aren’t really working according to these folks.  This opinion is far more common than I realized before I put myself out there as an author.  If you chose to be a writer, or anything unconventional to be honest, people will criticize and doubt the legitimacy of what you do.

Not everyone is going to support you in your dreams.  Heck, maybe no one will.  On top of being a writer, I’m a stay-at-home father.  With that came assumptions that I just mooch off my wife and I’m a loser, and the irony is that single-moms have been the most judgmental toward me in my experience.  Never mind that’s not how my wife and I planned our situation or what’s best for our family.  To these folks, the fact that my wife doesn’t have to worry about cooking, cleaning, or any chores doesn’t matter.  Many seem to have the idea in their heads that I sit around and watch TV and play videogames all day or something.

That’s just it, if you are a writer people are going to make all sorts of assumptions about you, especially if it’s your main profession.  The thing is, you don’t need anyone’s approval.  If you are called to be a writer, you know it and cannot explain it to someone else.  You don’t need to justify yourself to anyone, including family (unless you’re married because then it’s a team decision).

Do your thing, follow your passions.  It isn’t easy being a writer and it will take years to earn success, but if that’s what you’re built for keep doing it. The same applies to all callings as well.  Do not let people get inside your head.  It’s easy to say, but difficult to actually do.  When people around you question the legitimacy of what you do, it is easy to do it yourself.  We want approval, we want support, but the truth is we may not get it.  All that means is that you must work harder to achieve your dream and stay focused on the goal.

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