What do you Believe?

What do you believe?  Why do you hold those beliefs?  These are not questions for me but for yourself.  As much as we would like to think we have rational and logical reasons for our worldviews, the truth is many times emotion plays a big role as well.  That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but the point is that we must continually examine ourselves.

Our worldview determine what we believe and how we interpret the world (it’s kind of all there in the name after all).  In many ways this is a good thing, it helps us filter fact from fiction.  On the other hand it also can produce irrational beliefs, all worldviews are susceptible to this, no matter how rational you may think you are.

In my personal life I strive to have a blend of open-mindedness and rational thinking.  I accept what scientists say because they are the ones studying these various aspects of the natural world and I am not.  I also understand that scientists may have expertise in certain areas, but that doesn’t make them competent theologians or philosophers.  Contrary to modern myth, scientists are also not free from bias.

I recognize the truth in evolution and climate change while also believing in a metaphysical or spiritual world.  This must be the case since I’m a Christian, one cannot believe in God and dismiss the spiritual realm.  Hence, I’m open to the possibility that the supernatural or paranormal encounters some people have had are real, but that doesn’t mean I will blindly accept them.

Skepticism is healthy.  Without it, people would simply believe any and every story they heard.  Too much skepticism leads to cynicism and arrogance though.  As with everything in life, belief and skepticism both require balance.  You don’t have to believe in ghost stories, I certainly don’t believe all of them, but to dismiss every paranormal story as nonsense, or blame drugs and alcohol is simplistic and requires no thought.  The paranormal/supernatural may not be testable in a laboratory but dismissing the entire situation outright without looking into consistencies or acknowledging that some stories are more difficult than others is mentally lazy.  The same is true of those who believe in everything or are utterly devoid of discernment.

This is where worldview comes into play.  If you come from a humanistic/naturalistic perspective, then it is impossible for you to believe otherworldly stories, for if you did, you would no longer be humanistic/naturalistic.  If you hold a religious or spiritual perspective, then these sorts of things you’ll be open to.

Ultimately you must decide what you believe, but more importantly why you believe such things.  It is also important to note that you may disbelieve something simply because your worldview doesn’t allow it.

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  1. Fine, perhaps I misunderstood you. Your tone and what I read on your blog in the past formed a picture in my mind of someone with an axe to grind. It’s like getting a 1-star review on a book with constructive feedback opposed to another that says “This author sucks and is an idiot.” I interpreted you as the later. The first I will engage with, the second I will not that’s what I was trying to get at. Does that make sense? Anyway, as I said before and I sincerely mean it, have a wonderful day.


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