Mysteries and the Unexplained

Have you ever wondered if we don’t have as much figured out as we thought?  Humanity tends to crave mystery while at the same time being very arrogant in its positions.  If there are any doubts about the tinted glasses people see the world through, just spend a few minutes on social media.

In the era of scientific advancements, many things that were ascribed to superstitious causes now have explanations, often rather simple ones.  Every day sights and sounds are misidentified and thought to represent something more than they really are.

If someone claims to have an NDE, it is brushed away as merely a chemical hallucination.  Did you have a terrible waking dream? That’s sleep paralysis.  Have you seen a ghost?  There are many answers, it could be pareidolia, sleep depravation, paranoia, or even insanity.  What about those cases which something strange and inexplicable happened to someone and simple answers fall short?  Skeptics will always be there to have an answer.  I get it, superstition is bad, it drives people to place blame on things that have no part in the mysteries of the world.

I’m someone of faith, but I also adhere to mainstream scientific findings.  It is sometimes a frustrating position to hold due to both the irreligious and faithful saying I cannot believe X while believing Z.  That my friends is called a false dilemma, and it was this false dichotomy that nearly broke me years ago, but I digress.  By seeing things through both the lenses of science and faith I believe I inadvertently created a more open mind to both skepticism and the unknown/supernatural.  Not all anecdotal stories of mysterious encounters should be believed, however throwing them out entirely is simple thinking as well.  The easies way to coast through life is to believe everything or nothing.  For me, the fact that there are several consistencies in some of these stories give me pause and wonder if there might indeed be something more to them.

As someone who has had strange encounters myself, it is easy to feel alone and isolated.  You feel like you cannot talk with other people and that people will think you are delusional or insane but keeping it inside is sometimes too much.  Am I saying change your beliefs? Not necessarily. What I am saying is that sometimes there are no easy clear-cut answers and despite advancements in knowledge we should take care not to grow arrogant.

One of the most unappealing qualities in a person who arrogantly believes he/she is right in most areas and attacks and belittles those who disagree.  No one is receptive to that behavior and it is utterly childish, yet on the internet it is so prevalent it has become the norm.  Remember, confident folks do not have to go around attempting to embarrass or attack opposite-minded people. A person’s position is much stronger when there is tact.  We all need to remember this when discussing and exploring the unknown and mysterious.

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  1. True. Except, in an era where racists and conformists shout their beliefs from the rooftops backed not by science but “a hunch”, it’s very hard for good people to stay silent and respectful. I know, that’s probably not what you were talking about and maybe those types are even the “norm” you speak of. I’ll be happy when the leaders of our world go back to setting a good example for the rest of humanity.

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    1. I’m with you 100%. Toxic or harmful ideology should be condemned unequivocally. However, some take that logic too far and are on a self-rigtheous mission to aggressively “debunk” the opposite political worldview, or another religion, religion as a whole, or telling everyone who’ve claimed to seen ghosts that they are delusional morons. White supremacists shouldn’t be handled with kit gloves, but some folks think they have a mission to destroy everyone who disagrees and in their mind lump different worldviews with men in the KKK. I’m sure that’s not what you’re saying, but addressing that as a whole because I’ve seen quite a bit of it. Thanks for reading and commenting. Your comments are always thoughtful and I appreciate your feedback.

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      1. Yes, the world is so polarized right now that there are those who take things to extremes on both ends. I try to be as fair as possible in my criticism. I do have some personal issues with religion but I also think its fair not to push my beliefs on others in the same way that I detest others pushing their beliefs on me.

        Being agnostic I’m quite open minded to the possibilities of the world, I just believe we can’t know what we don’t know! So ghosts could be possible, how the hell should I know? *Shrugs* lol….

        I’d love to hear more about your supernatural experience.

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      2. I totally respect that. I have issues with certain aspects of religion too and I’m a Christian. For example, I abhor young earth creationism and hate how that has become mainstream.

        I had an angry belligerent Atheist come on here yesterday with both guns blazing right off the bat. When I refused to indulge, he accused me of being childish (ironic) because this is a public forum and he felt he could say what he pleased. That approach I don’t respect.

        Anyone who has read my blog knows the point isn’t to proselytize my beliefs. I want a place where people can discuss possibilities and the unknown and a place where people can feel like they can share their unexplained experiences when they have no where else to turn.

        In response to your last sentence, that could be a blog series in itself haha. To answer concisely. I’ve been choked by malevolent spirits (with my then girlfriend now wife present) pushed over, and temporarily couldn’t say the name of God.

        Typically when I’ve been in the presence of something otherworldly I get a headache and a pressure on my being/soul whatever you want to call it.

        I’ve been in places where I felt this off-putting sensation and my dog will refuse to walk down that area. That’s a very brief and concise response without overwhelming you with an novel for a comment. 😉

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      3. Interesting. I was raised Catholic for 20 years until I decided it wasn’t for me. I disagreed with a lot of what was taught and I sort of gravitated more towards Buddhism but didn’t fully align with everything there as well. So I sort of pick apart and take some beliefs to make my own spirituality.

        That atheist sounds like an asshole, because this is not really a public forum. It’s a way of finding different people’s websites. I think each person should respect each other’s right to free speech unless its hateful and intolerant of course. Do you moderate your comments to be able to delete those quickly?

        It’s funny because I’ve had more than a few hardcore Christians or Catholics, I can’t remember, try to convert me in my comment sections. Those go straight to the garbage lol. So every once in a while I’ll post about how I think fundamentalists are ass-backwards in their beliefs by restricting the freedoms of others etc just to scare them out of my following. 😛

        Interesting stories. I think it would be awesome if ghosts existed.

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      4. I didn’t at first to prove to my other readers that I do not only want people who agree. I hope by now that it’s apparent I’m totally open to having a discussion with someone with a different belief system. After going back and forth of him calling me a moron and me calmly pointing out if he wants a discussion then that’s not how to do it, I eventually deleted the comments and blocked him. My wife told me I should have done that 6 messages ago! Haha!

        When it comes to converting people in the comments section, I’ll say what I told the Atheist fellow yesterday, no one changes their beliefs in a comment thread. To expect that is irrational. I believe in living out my faith by being kind and gentle, and if people want to ask me about it then we can talk. No one changes any beliefs by being yelled at on the internet or on the street. (Looking at you street preachers during Pride.)


  2. I always enjoy your post! I wish there were more of you in this world. Open minded, willing to listen to what others have to say. At the same time staying true to your mind body and soul. Very respectful, a trait that is very rare.

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