The Unexplained: The Hat Man

One of my first articles in this series explores the shadow people phenomenon.  I feel that it is important to reexamine shadow people, more specifically the Hat Man.  All around the world there is a shadowy figure seen by people, typically at night, wearing a fedora, long trench coat, and glowing red eyes.

The Hat Man is one of the more common shadow people encounters, with incredible amounts of consistency not only between individuals but across cultures.  Not only does he wear a hat and have eerie red eyes, he is sometimes known to carry a gold pocket watch which he has reportedly pulled out while observing people sleep.  Another consistent characteristic of the Hat Man is that he is tall, at least six feet tall, sometimes taller.

The Hat Man has been seen hovering over people as they wake up.  Almost all reports say they have an uneasy, malevolent feeling emanating from the Hat Man.  In rarer instances he has even been known to have choked or burned people’s chests.  Even more terrifying, the Hat Man is believed to be a demonic entity drawn to homes where there is tragedy, abuse, or depression.  Because of this, some believe he is an omen, others think he feeds off the fear of his victims.

Adding to the mystery, the Hat Man is known to have appeared during sleep paralysis.  Does this mean he is merely a psychological phenomenon?  Well, as I addressed in The Unexplained: Sleep Paralysis this may not necessarily the case.  Two things can be true at once.  Something can be a natural phenomenon and potentially open the doorway for paranormal forces.  Your stance on this will depend on your worldview and bias more than facts.

Digging further into the phenomenon of the Hat Man, it becomes clear that many people who have seen him weren’t asleep and weren’t suffering from sleep paralysis.  Simply ignoring this as psychological is too simple.  This doesn’t mean all reports are accurate or even truthful.  In the age of the internet it can be fashionable to hop on places like Reddit and claim to have a paranormal experience that never occurred.  With that said it is hard to intellectually examine these stories and dismiss them.  The consistencies are mind-boggling and point to there something going on that’s more than merely a brain that’s not fully awake or worse not well.  To those who are skeptical, that’s understandable and healthy, especially with claims on the internet, but I encourage folks to read up on this phenomenon with an open mind and decide for him or herself what’s true.


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  1. My boyfriend apparently saw him a few nights ago and what creeps my out is that he was standing in a corner right next to my bed. I haven’t been able to sleep since and can’t stop thinking about what would have happened if I would’ve woke up out of my sleep and saw it….I pray I don’t ever see it and would love to figure out how to get this thing out of my apartment.


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