Changes are Coming!

For the month of October I’ve decided to redirect my writing focus to other projects, instead of this blog.  I will still continue “The Unexplained” series weekly.  However, things like social commentary, thoughts on writing and life will be on hiatus.  Since “The Unexplained” fits so well into this month and it’s my favorite blogs to write, I will still continue that.  “The Unexplained” will be posted at the end of each week, typically either Friday or Saturday.

At this point I’m uncertain what November and beyond will bring.  I may return to blogging daily, I might not.  For now, I will focus on the manuscripts, short stories, and delving into the mysterious.  I’m not completely abandoning you, but there will be less content, and in the meantime I will reevaluate the discretion I want this blog to go.  Thank you to my wonderful followers, and I hope that you stick with me through this transition!

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