The Unexplained: Supernatural Scratches

You’ve been dealing with paranormal activity in your house for weeks now.  Phantom footsteps are heard while you’re in bed, and many times you walk into the kitchen to find all the drawers and cupboard doors opened.  Now things have escalated further, you awake to find three scratches on your back.  A couple nights later it happens again, leaving you feeling bewildered and helpless.

This is the experience many people claim to have.  News crews, paranormal investigators, and all walks of life claim to have been physically scratched by unseen forces.  Some people wake up with the scratches, others have them suddenly appear while awake and other witnesses are present.


Skeptics claim this phenomenon can be explained by being eczema, hives, or self-inflicted whether intentional or not.  It’s possible that some can be explained this way.  People get jumpy or paranoid, hen when they wake up the next day, they find marks on their body they don’t remember getting.  Overall I find this argument unconvincing and incomplete.

As stated, these scratches have appeared on people without warning and in the mist of several witnesses in some cases.  What is also fairly consistent is that the scratches are in places where it would be difficult or impossible to self-inflict.

To be honest, I find paranormal scratches (which are always in sets of three often believed to be in mockery of the a Trinity) to be one of the strongest evidences for the paranormal.  Are some of these folks lying, trying to get attention or to fit in?  That obviously cannot be ruled out and I have no doubt that is the case for some of these people.  However, in my years of researching this stuff most folks are terrified, don’t want the attention, and only speaks about it after they’ve been broken down.  They feel they have no choice but to tell their story so that others who are suffering in this way do not feel alone.

In a world rife with cynicism and people all too willing to belittle and mock differing beliefs, many people who have been terrorized and physically assaulted by unseen forces keep it to themselves.  To those who have never heard of this phenomenon or are skeptical, I encourage you to look into this more deeply and with an open mind.  The evidence may be anecdotal, but it is unsettling, nonetheless.






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  1. I think that if there had been no one making faults claims, those that truly are going through, would not fear ridicule.
    I have never been scratched, but I received buses on my back. I told no one because I didn’t think anyone would believe me.

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