The Unexplained: Ghostly Photos

We’ve all seen them, pictures of a supposedly real spiritual entity.  Most people dismiss them as nothing more than creative fakes.  In some cases his has been proven to be true, but not all.  Skepticism of pictures is at an all time high in modern times due to the prevalence of photo editing software and deep fakes.  Convincing fake pictures are everywhere.  From Instagram users trying to convince their followers they have the perfect body to spiritual activity, fake photos are impossible to escape from.

When there are photos that come up of supposedly paranormal or supernatural entities, many times they are grainy and out of focus.  Ten years ago and prior this was understandable, but now almost everyone has a smartphone with a camera that can take stellar pictures.

There are some pictures that still manage to stump experts.  These are photos taken before the advent of advanced editing software, or recent ones that show no sign of alteration.  Throughout this series I’ve taken a hard-line stance that it is simpleminded to either believe everything or disbelieve everything.  Just because there are charlatans doesn’t mean there is a nice, neat explanation for all paranormal pictures.

As mentioned above, it is true many paranormal pictures come out fuzzy.  I’ll concede that territory to the skeptics.  However, many of these pictures are taken in less than optimal conditions.  Even today, smartphones don’t do a great job in low lighting.  Most pictures I take on my iPhone 8 Plus at dusk, dawn, nor night turn out grainy, and if I use zoom at all then that just compounds the issue.

A few years ago, while walking I saw a red fox fairly close to me.  It was around 7:00 PM in the summer time but still when I took pictures of it, they turned out a pixelated mess.  I believe this can account for at least a good portion of the grainy pictures.

Despite the existence of Photoshop and deep fakes, there is a plethora of pictures and video of paranormal entities and events that are not easy to dismiss.  Many have been verified as genuine or at the minimum untampered, and some are downright unsettling.



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