The Unexplained: The Southend Werewolf

In England 1952, a playful nine-year-old boy is enjoying the outdoors when suddenly an icy chill grips him despite the warm summer day.  He feels an odd sensation come over him, claiming his skin was so cold that the sweat froze.  Accompanying the frigid air was a foul vomit-inducing stench.  The boy, whose name is Bill Ramsey, said he had visions of wolves and running toward the ocean.  His parents tried to calm their son, but he pulled out a fence post with impossible strength and swung it at them.  After that he even gnawed on some barbed wire like a dog.

Afterward, Ramsey led a normal life for just under fifteen years after the initial incident.  He married and dithered three children, living life as a carpenter.  After enduring persisting dreams of chasing his wife for the early years of his marriage, in 1967 Ramsey woke up to animalistic sounds, and to his horror he realized the canine noises were coming from him.

His odd behavior subsided once more until 1983.  While at a pub, Ramsey went to use the restroom and saw a wolf face looking back at him in the mirror.  On his way home, Ramsey began to growl at one of his friends in while in the vehicle and attempted to bite his leg.  With great effort, the group of friends forced Ramsey out of the car.

Before Christmas that year, Ramsey suffered chest pains and took himself to the emergency room, fearing he may be experiencing a heart attack.  While his blood pressure was being checked, he bit a nurse’s arm.  Ramsey then proceeded to run through the hospital snarling, and curling his fingers into claws, knocking over anyone who drew near with inhuman strength.  A whole host of people were involved in subduing him including police, who handcuffed him while medical professionals used a tranquilizer.

When morning came, Bill Ramsey was back to his normal self.  However, normalcy didn’t last very long and he returned to his crazed wolf-like state, scaring more than a few people.  His story caught the attention of famed demonologists who believed Ramsey was possessed by a werewolf demon.  Along with the help of Bishop Robert McKenna, Ramsey underwent an exorcism, and according to reports he hadn’t endured any of the strange transformations again.

What are we to make of this?  Was Bill Ramsey really possessed by a demon, or was he suffering from an undiagnosed mental illness?  Both are valid explanations.  Witnesses to his changes consistently have testified Ramsey possessed superhuman strength.  The fact that the exorcism seems to have cured the hapless man also seems to indicate something otherworldly was going on.  If it was mental illness, it seems odd that these “changes” would occur so infrequently.    However, it is possible he was enduring a sickness not fully understood yet.  But what do you make of the strange case of Bill Ramsey?



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