The Unexplained: Hoia-Baciu Forest

Happy Halloween everyone!  I couldn’t let the day pass without another installment of “The Unexplained.”

You heard the mysterious tales but being a hardened skeptic yourself you ignore the warning and venture into Hoia-Baciu Forest at night.  At first all you see are trees and starlight.  These beautiful, yet mundane sights reassure your skepticism as you make a campsite.  As time goes by however, you start to feel nauseous and notice a rash forming on your arms.  You grow uneasy, not just because of the sudden onslaught of sickness, but because something doesn’t feel right.  You stand up, telling yourself you must have picked up a bug on your trip to Romania and gather your things.  On your way out, you see a ball of light zigzagging in the distance and soon after the faint cries of a woman echo in your ears.  You flee out of the forest as fast as you can, no longer certain of what’s real anymore.

Due to Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Romania has a legendary reputation.  Since Dracula is fictional, people probably assume the tales that come out of that region of the world are too.  Are they though?  The Hoia-Baciu Forest is riddled with intense paranormal activity according to residents and eye-witness accounts.  Allegedly, locals fear the forest and refuse to enter it.

forest blog pic

The forest gained world-wide attention when in 1968 a UFO was reportedly photographed flying over the forest.  UFOs, strange lights, sounds of women wailing/crying, and ghosts have all been spotted or heard in the Hoia-Baciu Forest.  On top of strange sightings, there are reports of rashes and sudden onslaught of nausea and anxiety affecting those who dare enter the forest.

What could be going on in this forest?  Due to the massive volume of unusual photos and reported sightings, it is difficult to simply dismiss it all as mass hysteria. This region of the world has attracted so much mysterious phenomenon that it has earned the title “The Most Haunted Forest in the World.”

It is not unreasonable to conclude that some of the strange experiences people had can be the result of suggestion due to its location.  Afterall, anyone with a basic knowledge of gothic horror knows about Transylvania.  The more stories that pass around a location the more potential for there to be psychological effects.  However, using that as a catch-all explanation for everything that doesn’t fit comfortably into what we understand is weak.  It seems likely there is a real presence of evil located in the forest.  What is and isn’t true is ultimately up to the reader to determine.  What do you think of this place?  Do you believe real evil might dwell there?  Is it simply a case where myth and legend bleed over into reality?


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