Where Have I Been?

For my followers, both old and new, it may seem like I have abandoned this blog.  To be honest I have toyed with that idea.  A part of me has grown weary of the blogging sphere.  Posts are often inundated with fake “likes” and “follows by people in a thinly veiled attempt to drive me to become a part of their audience.

Let’s be honest, as writers/bloggers/authors we all want people to read our stuff.  Marketing ourselves so we stand out amongst the millions of other writers means we need to be a little selfish.  Searching for blogs to follow/like/comment in order to get more traffic is the name of the game.  The issue comes in when I get, let’s say, twenty likes on a post and only five views.  There is a problem when I get inundated with “likes” and that person then comments on a random post “Are you going to follow me now?”

This behavior is cringy and reeks of pathetic desperation from the other bloggers.  It got so bad that I started to doubt if many of my followers were legitimately interested in my content or if they simply wanted a “follow for a follow.”  Some receive a follow back from me if I’m interested in their content, but most do not because I’m not going to follow a blogger because he/she followed me.

The main reason I disappeared is because I’ve been directing my writing energy toward flash fiction.  I’ve been writing/editing/researching publishers most of the time.  All three of those take up considerable time.  In some ways flash fiction is harder to write than a novel because there is so little space to write.

I’ve decided to pop back into the blogging sphere and maybe share my experiences in the flash fiction publishing world.  In short, like all spheres of the writing world it’s a meat grinder, one to surely chew you up and spit you out if you are not keen on rejection.


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  1. I like this. So are you going to follow me now?

    Just kidding. I’ve definitely seen the same trend myself and it can be quite discouraging. And then it made me a little embarrassed to find that it mattered so much to me. Clearly I was coming here for validation, when really that shouldn’t be the point, that’s just feeding the exact same “cringy and pathetic desperation” I was picking out in others.

    Eventually I had to think of my blogs more like a public journal, than as a vehicle for social media, which has been very liberating. Now there’s no more caring about whether my latest entry is “interesting” enough, or has the right image-to-text ratio, or trendy tags, or all that other nonsense.

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    1. Haha! Well, I can at least take a look at your blog. 😉

      I got into blogging mostly out of necessity when I first published my book. I read from multiple sources that a blog is a must for an author’s marketing plan. Eventually my approach evolved to discussing writing, ideas, and the unknown.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience!

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  2. I started my blog last year, after staying away from social media for a few years. Yowza. So much fluff stuffed with links to Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. Sometimes it feels like everybody’s doing the exact same thing they formerly accused “evil” corporations of. It’s nice to know I can still find a few good ones out there!

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  3. As long as you’re still out there. I’ve kind of taken the attitude that Issac Asimov had. In his book Opus 100 he started by saying that all his novels and stories he wrote for the enjoyment of one person. Himself.

    That’s the way I look at it which is probably why I write about so many different subjects. Let’s be honest, a discussion of a topic in hard science (say the formation of the Moon) right next to a discussion on christian ethics. That can get interesting to say the least.

    Writing is to a point, a voyage of self discovery. Enjoy the journey!

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  4. You follow that person because they have a great number of posts that are interesting.

    Have to say I missed yeah, glad you popped by lol it gave me something to read while I sat at my sons door waiting for him to fall asleep 😀

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  5. I started blogging because I enjoyed writing. But last year, I didn’t have much to say. And this year, with all of the fear about the pandemic, stay-at-home requirements, and all of the other rules and regulations–my desire to write slowly vanished. I’m looking through old photos now and trying to find away to rise above the sadness and confusion!

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    1. I can relate. My family lost our main source of income due to the lock downs and it’s been difficult to say the least. Not only that, but people seem more on edge due to recent events and more willing to assume the worst out of folks. I’ve been continuing to write fiction and submit to journals, but as you can probably see my blog has been sorely neglected.

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  6. I got into blog to practice and continue sharperning my skills. Also it holds me accountable knowing I have something I need to publish on a weekly basis. However for someone who left the world to write and came back to the world lol… I know very well what you meant by ” weary.” However, continue on. As you can see your blog reached alot of people.

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