Why I Chose to be an Indie Author

When one does an online search of “indie author” or “self-published author,” he or she will get a slew of opinions.  Some are favorable, and some are not as favorable.  It seems the most common unfavorable views come from authors who are already published through a traditional service. I can understand from the perspective of... Continue Reading →

The Intent Behind “Crystal Moon”

Crystal Moon is the first book I published that isn't a part of the running series Goandria.  Crystal Moon is something that has a lot of meaning to me.  It is inspired by real people, real events, and real lessons in an Urban Fantasy setting. A few years ago, I read Dracula and was intrigued by... Continue Reading →

The End of Bookstores?

Do you think bookstores will become a thing of the past?  There has been much speculation that eBooks and online retailers like Amazon will make them a thing of the past.  Do you think that is true?  I’m not so certain.  Yes, retail is suffering a significant decline, but a decline doesn’t equal completely phasing... Continue Reading →

Throwback Blog: Goandria

This is a re-post from 2014. What drives an 11-year-old to hammer away at the keyboard instead of going outside or playing sports?  That is something I do not understand, but I was that 11-year-old.  The world of Goandria has gone through many versions and morphed so many times, but at the same time, it... Continue Reading →

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