Writing and Observing

If a person is going to set out on the adventure known as writing, then he/she needs to observe the world.  It is particularly important to pay attention to cultural and societal changes. Paying attention to the news can be overwhelmingly depressing.  It will give the impression that everyone hates everyone and that no one... Continue Reading →

Writing: The Ugly and Cringe-Worthy

Writers evolve, just like anyone in a profession.  I strive to get a little better every day and apply what I learned from my failings.  As much as I love to write, I am very well aware of my shortcomings.  I struggle with grammar, and I often write in passive voice.  I have to consciously... Continue Reading →

Meet the People of Goandria: Archris Knights

Periodically I will give brief and basic descriptions of the races that populate the fantasy world of Goandria, the novel series I wrote. Archris Knights- Elite knights sworn to serve the Three Republics.  They operate outside of the Republic’s military and have their own structure and training academies.  Each knight is armed with the finest... Continue Reading →

Goandria: The Schism

  Goandria lies under the cruel rule of worlox demons. Emerging from an unknown realm, they claim large swaths of the northern territories for their own. The wizards, blessed with power from Voshnore, continue their fight against them with little success. Pushed back to the south, generation to generation, year by year, they labor in... Continue Reading →

Killing Characters

When to kill a character can sometimes pose a problem for the writer.  We bond with our characters as much as the reader does.  Death however is natural.  No one likes it but it is an inevitability with people and subsequently characters. Some series are known for killing characters left and right, others do it... Continue Reading →

On “The Chosen One”

As someone who writes fantasy and science fiction, I have done much research into what trends are popular and what aren’t.  What I mean by popular isn’t “common” but accepted by the fanbase.  The chosen one is so replete in video games, novels, television, and film that it is cliché.  It is a trope that’s... Continue Reading →


*This is a repost from 2015 A creature advances towards his prey, his sharp, black claws dripping with poison.  The man and woman stare up, wide-eyed, as it advances upon them, knowing there is no way out. Their fate is sealed. Such a scene invokes the imagination, and the human imagination is where fantasy thrives. ... Continue Reading →

No Time?

One thing everyone has in common is that we are limited on time.  Some have more than others, but in the end, we are all mortal.  On top of mortality there are responsibilities in life.  We all have jobs and families, whether we have children or are the children.  Then there are the friends. As... Continue Reading →


It is said that truth is something that cannot stay hidden.  Many believe that no matter how long it takes, truth eventually comes to light and reveals itself.  I may write fiction, but good fiction is driven by truths.  Truths mostly about the human spirit and condition.  This may sound cynical, but I wonder if... Continue Reading →

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