The Courtesy of Friendship

What do you expect from your friends?  That may sound like a silly or strange question.  I would expect most would answer this question with expectations of respect, love, mutual interest, humor, and a willingness to make you a priority when applicable.  In return most people would say they would expect themselves to do the... Continue Reading →

Crystal Moon

Gerald’s life suddenly changed, leaving him moody, hungry and scared. He lives in terror due to his own wife! For reasons Gerald cannot fathom, she has become a witch bent on hexing him. While attempting to survive his wife’s curse and its side effects, he discovers a new friend and a town that feels like... Continue Reading →

Romantic Love isn’t the Only Rare Love

It is often said that true love is rare.  Many people find romantic love, but making it last is difficult, especially to one person for the rest of our lives.  In a culture where changing relationships is common practice, this is especially true.  However, I hardly see posts, songs, or television shows about other types... Continue Reading →

The Intent Behind “Crystal Moon”

Crystal Moon is the first book I published that isn't a part of the running series Goandria.  Crystal Moon is something that has a lot of meaning to me.  It is inspired by real people, real events, and real lessons in an Urban Fantasy setting. A few years ago, I read Dracula and was intrigued by... Continue Reading →

Goandria: The Schism

Goandria lies under the cruel rule of worlox demons. Emerging from an unknown realm, they claim large swaths of the northern territories for their own.  The wizards, blessed with power from Voshnore, continue their fight against them with little success. Pushed back to the south,  generation to generation, year by year, they labor in vain.... Continue Reading →

The Cursed Forest

*You follow this blog, why not take a look at some of the fiction I've written? Shortly after the birth of America, the small, secluded community of Andonville, Massachusetts, rested on the border of a forest steeped in legend and rumors. People start disappearing, and Abigail loses everything. She wants nothing more than to abandon... Continue Reading →

Excerpt: “The Cursed Forest”

Chapter 1   What is life? Is it nothing more than a series of events and random chance, or is there more to it? Maybe a larger plan designed by something bigger than ourselves? Sometimes life seems to have no guidance or purpose other than what people ascribe to it. Other times it is difficult... Continue Reading →

Cover In-Progress

This is what I have so far for my next cover.  What do you think?  Is there something you would add/change?  Let me know! (I'm not hurt by criticism).  It is a work in-progress and not the final product.        

On Marriage

One of the main themes in my book Crystal Moon is marital communication.  The characters’ actions are based on experience and observations of other couples.  Marriage is something that is important to me.  I’m now 30 and have been married since I was 20.  Over the years I learned much, and still have much to... Continue Reading →

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