Villains Meeting Their Fates

What makes a satisfying end to a Villain’s story?  Is redemption the most meaningful?  How about an epic showdown between the villain and protagonist?  Are climactic showdowns preferred? Good villains make the audience love to hate them and revel in their demise.  Sometimes that’s not what happens.  Sometimes the author is led to end the... Continue Reading →

Why is Change Difficult?

In fiction we expect characters to grow and change (i.e. dynamic characters) but for many people once we become adults, we become set in our ways.  There may be habits or behaviors we know are bad and we feel remorseful, but still the behaviors linger. If this looks like a familiar topic, that’s because I’ve... Continue Reading →

Character Morality

There is an idea that if someone consumes garbage in the form of entertainment then garbage is what will come out of that person’s life.  That can certainly be true.  I’ve come across books and movies and wonder “Who would make this stuff?” or “How could this possibly be entertaining?”  The thing is that the... Continue Reading →

Mediums of Storytelling: Movies

I have written a blog in the past about how I feel it is absurd for people to be surprised by the fact that movie adaptions of books are almost always different.  In that post I covered both television and movie adaptions, but here I would like to focus solely on movies.  Films may not... Continue Reading →

Character Growth

I wrote a blog before about how characters are expected to change and grow. That is a fair expectation, if all characters were static they wouldn’t be interesting.  Everyone changes to some degree, but how many people change significantly enough where they would be considered a “dynamic” character in a book? Honestly, I do not... Continue Reading →

More Thoughts on Characters

There is a trend lately I’ve noticed.  Perhaps it’s been this way for a long time, but it didn’t start to grab my attention until about five years ago.  I don’t know if it is the hypersensitive culture we now live in that’s contributing or not, but it appears that individual characters in fiction are... Continue Reading →


Recently, I heard powerful testimonies from a few people who endured several hardships.  It got me thinking about characterization in fiction.  We as reader’s demand that the characters grow and change over the course of a story.  That’s what makes characters relatable and intriguing.  On the other hand, we have all known people who remain... Continue Reading →

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