Hurting People

I’ve said before that a big part of writing is observing the behavior of people.  This observation enables authors to be guided toward more realistic characters.  One observation that has become very apparent in recent years is hurt.  So many people appear to be defined by the past and the pain that was inflicted upon... Continue Reading →

The Thing About Assumptions…

We are all guilty of it.  Most of the time we are unaware of the snap judgements we make about people and our settings.  While judgement has an often-negative connotation, most judgements are benign such as which clothes we wear, and the best way to start our day.  Others however, are more impactful and can... Continue Reading →

On Drama

Drama.  It’s something everyone who went to public High School is familiar with.  It isn’t a fond memory for people, but it certainly is a relatable topic.  Perhaps this is why High School-esque drama is often prevalent in young adult books and television.  Drama is compelling (even if we don’t want to admit it) and... Continue Reading →

Villains Meeting Their Fates

What makes a satisfying end to a Villain’s story?  Is redemption the most meaningful?  How about an epic showdown between the villain and protagonist?  Are climactic showdowns preferred? Good villains make the audience love to hate them and revel in their demise.  Sometimes that’s not what happens.  Sometimes the author is led to end the... Continue Reading →

Musings on Characterization

Sometime ago, I heard powerful testimonies from a few people who endured several hardships.  It got me thinking about characterization in fiction.  We as reader’s demand that the characters grow and change over the course of a story.  That’s what makes characters relatable and intriguing. On the other hand, we have all known people who... Continue Reading →

Why is Change Difficult?

In fiction we expect characters to grow and change (i.e. dynamic characters) but for many people once we become adults, we become set in our ways.  There may be habits or behaviors we know are bad and we feel remorseful, but still the behaviors linger. If this looks like a familiar topic, that’s because I’ve... Continue Reading →

What Characters Do You Find Relatable?

Today things are going to be a bit different.  I would like to ask my readers what sort of characters they find most relatable.  What qualities in a character make you root for him/her?  Is it their flaws?  Is it whether they look like you?  Essentially, I want to know what types of characters have... Continue Reading →

Killing Characters

When to kill a character can sometimes pose a problem for the writer.  We bond with our characters as much as the reader does.  Death however is natural.  No one likes it but it is an inevitability with people and subsequently characters. Some series are known for killing characters left and right, others do it... Continue Reading →

Characters Everywhere!

Have you read a book with so many characters you find yourself asking “who did what now?”  If you ever read the Silmarillion your head is undoubtedly bobbing right now.  The number and names of characters is a hard one to decide on as an author.  Generally, if you want your stories to be believable,... Continue Reading →

Character Morality

There is an idea that if someone consumes garbage in the form of entertainment then garbage is what will come out of that person’s life.  That can certainly be true.  I’ve come across books and movies and wonder “Who would make this stuff?” or “How could this possibly be entertaining?”  The thing is that the... Continue Reading →

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