“Secular” isn’t a Genre.

I’m a Christian.  I love Jesus, and do my best to serve Him in what I do.  In this journey as a Christian though, I have heard secular come up in sermons and casual conversations as a genre.  Christian is a genre, Religion is a genre, but that doesn’t mean that is the case with... Continue Reading →

My Christian School Experience

Christian schooling has been getting a lot of attention lately, and most of it isn’t good.  Journalists are even asking people on social media to detail their Christian school experiences, and most stories aren’t good either.  I feel sharing a different perspective than the bandwagon “my time at a Christian school sucked” is important. I... Continue Reading →

Ah! Keep Your Different Beliefs Away!

Is it possible to separate what you do from your beliefs?  This is something that is often asked of people, but appears to be rarely put into practice.  Certainly, a person can elect not to be obnoxious with his religion or politics on platforms such as social media.  However, that isn’t what I’m addressing.  Political... Continue Reading →

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