Fall Reflections

Autumn is returning for another year.  It seems like every year that I get older, my favorite season comes faster and leaves even quicker, opening the door to the six-month long Minnesota winter. If you’ve been a long-time follower of mine, you’ll know that this is the one season I reflect on the most.  Autumn... Continue Reading →

No, You’re Not Perfect and that’s Okay

In a world where self-love is considered one of the greatest virtues, and self-esteem is one of the most focused on aspects of life, it can be difficult to swallow the next statement.  No, you are not perfect the way you are, and that’s okay! It has become a meme, and a popular saying for... Continue Reading →

No Fear While Writing

Should we be afraid to write what we want?  When posed this question, I would imagine most authors would say a resounding “No!” Authors tend to hate censorship and believe the publish should decide with their wallets/purses what is or isn’t good instead of a governing body.  What if instead the governing body is a... Continue Reading →

The Value of Humans

Sci-fi and genetics go hand in hand.  Speculative fiction gets to explore many “what if” scenarios.  Cloning and genetic modification are staples in the genre which is an indirect way to ask the audience, “are people commodities or do they have infinite value?” Today I ask my readers to explore this question themselves and come... Continue Reading →

“Secular” isn’t a Genre.

I’m a Christian.  I love Jesus, and do my best to serve Him in what I do.  In this journey as a Christian though, I have heard secular come up in sermons and casual conversations as a genre.  Christian is a genre, Religion is a genre, but that doesn’t mean that is the case with... Continue Reading →

More Emotional than Rational

In our era of skepticism, cold, unadulterated rationality is often valued.  Science has lifted the curtain on certain superstitions and wives’ tales.  Most people in the modern western world strive to be rational, and scientific. We don’t want to be like our ancestors that believed diseases were cause by curses.  Most of the time we... Continue Reading →


If you live in a first world nation, you probably have a life the rest of the world would envy.  Sure, there are hardships, we lose loved ones, our jobs may not be fulfilling, and so on, but generally speaking those of us in such countries live blessed lives.  With bounty comes complacency and eventually... Continue Reading →

Do We Crave Less Freedom?

That may seem like an odd question.  Why would people crave tyranny?  No rational person would desire to have less freedom, would they?  Most people hate being told what to do deep down, even if they know it’s good for them.  The answer is in the other part of human nature, laziness. As an author,... Continue Reading →

Disappointment in Sequels

Why are sequels so often disappointing?  If we watch a film or read a book and find that the story pulls us in, we are left wanting more.  We wonder what adventures the characters may have after the end of the initial story.  Do they continue to fight evil or do their lives become mundane... Continue Reading →

Quality Friendships

Admittedly, it took me way too long to realize what a good friend is.  Growing up I feared being alone and friendless, and longed to have that close friend that was often portrayed on TV back in the 90s.  In school I had two close friends, but one was bully disguised as a friend.  He... Continue Reading →

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