Presidential Frustrations

It’s that time again in America.  A time for debates, anger, hatred, spite, and failure to listen.  A time of entitlement, squabbling and a cult-like zeal.  The presidential election is upon us.  I know, technically that doesn’t happen until the end of next year, but that doesn’t matter because things start years before the actual... Continue Reading →

Here Come the Tribes! (Tribalism Pt 2)

The tribes are coming.  You may agree with one of the two tribes, you might be sympathetic toward one, and you feel the pull to join in the group-think.  You must resist!  Group-think, demagoguery, and tribalism is never good and beneficial, yet many people in America have joined a political tribe. Now, if you hold... Continue Reading →

Political Fiction

I’m going to keep this pretty short, but it is a topic that is worthy of multiple books.  I ask my readers; do you believe politics should be in books? Sure, politics cannot be completely avoided, since the term politics covers a plethora of ideas and ideals.  Saying slavery is wrong for example is technically... Continue Reading →

Political Dangers

I used to think that if a dictator ever came to America, he/she would have to be extraordinarily cunning and intelligent.  This is after all what makes sense and what’s often portrayed in fiction.  Cunning and intelligence doesn’t seem to gain politicians favor like it used to.  Pandering appears to have more power than ever... Continue Reading →

Political Bullying

Something fiction does an excellent job of is showing the dangers of self-righteousness.  I’ve spoken about how portrayals of religion in fantasy in particular lack nuance and often makes believers into radicals.  However, concerning the radicals themselves, fantasy and science fiction do an excellent job of warning us of self-righteousness.  From what I’ve seen it... Continue Reading →

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