The End of Bookstores?

Do you think bookstores will become a thing of the past?  There has been much speculation that eBooks and online retailers like Amazon will make them a thing of the past.  Do you think that is true?  I’m not so certain.  Yes, retail is suffering a significant decline, but a decline doesn’t equal completely phasing... Continue Reading →

The Magic of Goandria

The next several blog entries will be snippets of information about a race, order, or area in the world of Goandria. In the world of Goandria, where the worlox demons have choked out the light for generations, there is only one group that can stand between the demons and the people: the wizards.  The wizards... Continue Reading →

Reading is Fundamental

*This is a reblog from 2015 It is obvious that writing stems from reading.  Becoming familiar with good stories is what teaches us writers how to craft stories of our own.  Heroes and villains that make us cheer or cringe often inspire us. The villains that reminds us of someone we know, ourselves, or what... Continue Reading →

Crystal Moon

Gerald’s life suddenly changed, leaving him moody, hungry and scared. He lives in terror due to his own wife! For reasons Gerald cannot fathom, she has become a witch bent on hexing him. While attempting to survive his wife’s curse and its side effects, he discovers a new friend and a town that feels like... Continue Reading →

Encouragement for Writers

Have you written a book and struggle to sell it?  Do you have a passion for writing but don’t know what to do with it?  The publishing world is scary and, in my blog, “The Truth About Independent Publishing” I gave my thoughts on this.  If writing is you calling then write, but it won’t... Continue Reading →

New Novella Teaser

What would it be like if you could not die?  If you lived so long you no longer remembered where you came from?  For reasons unknown you need the life force of others.  You’ve tried to resist it since indulging creates unwanted attention, but eventually it becomes impossible to resist and you give in.  You... Continue Reading →

How Would You React?

Your marriage is going great.  At least you think it is.  You and your husband go out on dates, share an honest relationship with each other, and do little things everyday to make the other person happy.  That is until one day your husband pulls away and starts acting strangely.  At first, he is more... Continue Reading →

Will the Forest be Tamed?

It is the late eighteenth century.  You live in a secluded town near a forest with an unsavory reputation.  To add to the dark nature of the forest, there have been rumors of cult activity.  At least it starts as rumors, but then people you know are disappearing or worse.  Before you know it, terrible... Continue Reading →

Quick Reminder

"Crystal Moon" is still free for only a couple more days on Amazon.  Take a look and judge if it is something you might be interested in. Here is a the book's blurb: Gerald’s life suddenly changed, leaving him moody, hungry and scared. He lives in terror due to his own wife! For reasons Gerald... Continue Reading →

On Rain

I’ve said t before and you will hear me say it more times, a writer’s job is to pay attention to people, their surroundings, and culture.  Every minute detail around an author is important, even if it is never used in a story.  Attention to detail is a must.  One observation I’ve had is that... Continue Reading →

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