No Fear While Writing

Should we be afraid to write what we want?  When posed this question, I would imagine most authors would say a resounding “No!” Authors tend to hate censorship and believe the publish should decide with their wallets/purses what is or isn’t good instead of a governing body.  What if instead the governing body is a... Continue Reading →

Are You A Real Writer?

Writers may seem vain, but many of us struggle with self-doubt.  We ask ourselves “Are we really writers?” regularly.  This is particularly true of independent authors, or traditionally published authors who struggle to find their audience. Being a writer simply means writing regularly.  If you strive to be a writer and write daily, then you... Continue Reading →

Encouragement for Writers

Have you written a book and struggle to sell it?  Do you have a passion for writing but don’t know what to do with it?  The publishing world is scary and, in my blog, “The Truth About Independent Publishing” I gave my thoughts on this.  If writing is you calling then write, but it won’t... Continue Reading →

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